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Blame it on the Rain

Dickey didn’t have his Knuckle-Ball and the Mets didn’t have a chance. Complaining that he was throwing ‘water-balloons’ Dickey never got it together. Lucky for Lucas Duda and Ike Davis ,who are batting .196 and .156 respectively, the Mets second best pitcher had his worst game as a member of the team the day after the mets best pitcher had his worst day as a pitcher.

The Braves are not quite Mount Kilimanjaro

R.A. you humble us all…


Santana came early this year, for the Braves…

It’s hard not to give Santana the 4th Wilpon Award of the year, because he was just horrible. Bay’s error was a drop of diarrhea in the sea of shit that was the Mets’ 4th loss, and therefore:

Johan Santana is happy to be back in New York

KUDOS TO YOU JOHAN! You win the award for the Wilponiest Ace in the league!