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First Wilpon Award of the year

Even though this is the first Wilpon Award of the year we’re going to keep it short and sweet. There are only three options for last night’s award Dillon Gee, David Wright (and his pinky), or Daniel Murphy. In typical Wilpon Award style we won’t give it to Gee who gave it a yeoman’s effort, despite his poor line; or Murphy, whose error made a bad game worse,  because he is so new to the position; and we won’t even give it to David Wright’s sub-par pinky finger. No, the first Wilpon Award is going to those who are long overdue for an aware: The Mets’ unbelievably terrible training staff who can’t help but ruin a perfectly healthy player’s career.

This afternoon Santana squares off against Strasburg in the rubber game of what we at the Wilpon Award have dubbed “The Battle of The Most Egregious Contracts: Bay vs. Werth”