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After a drought…

It’s been a tough stretch without Wilpon Awards, but that included a 6 game win streak, which brought the team’s record up to 11-13, before two losses the last two games. In order to make up for it I would like to show you this video of Mookie Wilson and Keith Hernandez trying to teach David Wright how to hit with runners on base:


A Young Start to a season, and The Wilpon Awards

Chris Young brings the heat to Philly

We’re at a very interesting point in the season: the Mets have won 75% of their games, and lead the National League East. It’s rather shocking when you think about it. Some — myself included — had pegged this team to lose at least 162, and here we are with a Met team that is not only 3-1, but with a W against one of the best teams in the league. Last night the Mets, led by an aggressive Chris Young, beat the Phillies in a resounding fashion. It was close as long as it took to get to the 3rd inning when the Mets unloaded 6 runs on under-achieving Phil’s #4 starter Cole Hamels.

Before we get to the bad news lets talk about some good news: David Byrne look-

...and you may say to yourself "My God! What have I done?"

alike, Chris Young was magnificent. He only pitched 5 1/3 innings, but he he did so wonderfully. He struck out 7, and only allowed 1 run.  The downside was that he walked 4 and allowed 5 hits putting his Whip at 1.69, which if he doesn’t fix,  will certainly not earn him many more victories; but let’s get back to the good news. Young didn’t just do it on the mound, but he had a monster day at the plate, going 3 for 3 with a run and an RBI.  If it weren’t for all the time he spent on the bases he probably would have had enough energy to finish the 6th inning, and possibly even pitch deeper into the game.

Also in good news Hamels was abysmal. He couldn’t finish the 3rd inning, and probably wouldn’t have finished the first, if he hadn’t been bailed out by sup-par Mets hitting.  The Phillies may have one of the best 1,2, 3 combinations in the game, but it seems it ends there. Luckily we got reminded of how bad the back-end of their rotation has been historically, not just by Hamels’ performance but by his replacement, Double-A/2010 Phillies’ 5th man/the-only-pitcher-less-deserving-of-a-job-than-Oliver-Perez Kyle Kendrick.  Kendrick over-performed, not allowing any runs, but he only lasted 2 1/3 innings resulting in 4 more Phillies pitchers having to take the mound before the final out. This all bodes well for the Mets in continuing their hot start, as I have little belief that Blanton will be pitching a complete game tonight. The Phillies bull pen has seen a lot of work in this young season, and hopefully the Mets can capitalize on it.

Now, to the bad news: there were some real clunkers in this game. The first, and

It's Lima time...

probably one of the most deserving candidates for the award, is Omar Minaya. The success of Chris Young is a complete reminder of all the failed, over-priced chances Minaya took on guys like Jose Lima. Chris Young, as of today, was a success. He showed that he might be the next R.A. Dickey, but even Dickey didn’t break camp with the team. Chris Young is not Brandon Webb, and if this were an award for the person who best exemplifies quality achievements it would go to Alderson, not Young, for his bold, nuanced, brush strokes. Hairston, and Emause are the only players who started yesterday that didn’t come up during the Omar-Era, and yet this team is still somehow doused in the very distinct Alderson touch.

Despite the 7 runs, the 13 hits, the 3 stolen bases, the lack of errors, and the 9 innings of only allowing 1 run, The Mets did have some players on the field that exemplified failure. Carlos Beltran, for one, did not have a stellar day. Carlos was 0-4, and left 6 runners on base. He struck out twice, and popped out with runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out in the top of the first.  In one of the most curious plays of the game, a fly ball popped out of Beltran’s glove in foul ground. Ruled ‘fan interference’ Beltran was saved from what surely what would have been his first Wilpon award. Keith and Ron disagreed on whether or not Beltran would have caught the ball had the fan not been there, I believe the ball was off the heel of Carlos’ glove regardless of the fan. Suffice it to say, this is the second pseudo-misplay for the newly positioned right fielder, and the training wheels have come off. This is last pass he gets for mis-plays in right. One more strike and he’s out.

In the about section of this site it reads “This award is not just for those who are an overall disappointment to the team,” which would surely apply to Beltran, “but also those who blew,” or tried to blow/would have blown, in the case of a victory,  “the game at it’s most important moment.”  This award can only be given to one man. It will most certainly be controversial to give this to a gentleman who went 4 for 5, with 2 runs, 2 RBI’s a stolen base and double but we, here at the Wilpon Award, are given little choice.

In the top of the first inning, Jose Reyes hit a ground-ball single, Angel Pagan advanced Jose to second after being hit by a pitch, and then the two men enacted a gorgeous double-steal. David Wright came to the plate, second and third, no one out with the team’s biggest slugger batting behind him. On a full count pitch David Wright struck out on a pitch 2 feet off the plate. Now, many of you are probably saying “But Carlos Beltran, who had a significantly worse day, followed

David Wright is hit over the head with 4th Wilpon award

David up with a pop-out of his own.” Yes, he did, but at least he put the ball in play. The award goes to the guy who screwed up, in the most glaring way, at the game’s most critical moment. Considering that the Mets went on to score 6 runs in the third and never trailed, screwing up in a tie game is screwing up when it mattered most. Yes, it’s true, David did go on to knock in the first runs of the game, but doing something good, doesn’t erase having done something bad. David Wright, you are the 4th Wilpon Award winner.

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