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Is there any question?

Chris Capuano takes home his second, and the Mets 9th Wilpon Award.


Mets win, fans lose.

Moments after the game ended I received a two instant messages; one from a Met fan that read “2-1!” The other from a Phillies fan who wrote “The Mets look

Hanley angry he isn't eligible for a Wilpon

pretty good.” I responded to the Mets fan with the comment from the Phillies fan. The Mets fan then responded to me, with what I would then later send back to the Phillies fan: “There is a difference between the Mets being good, and the Marlins being unable to throw the ball to first base.”

If the Wilpon award could go to the opposing team tonight’s award would most certainly go to the entire Marlin’s defense. The fish made 3 errors, with the home-town official scorekeeper. That doesn’t include the “fielder’s choice” by Hanley Ramirez in the 8th that led to the mets 9th, and final, run. The sloppy play by the minor league caliber, Florida team led to 5 unearned runs. It is important to note that pitchers don’t earn runs, they allow them; hitters earn runs, and the Mets hitters hardly earned of their theirs today.

Mr. Met is sad

There are two reasons to celebrate after this game. The first would be because there may be one team worse than the New York Mets in the NL East (maybe even two, if Washington keeps Oliver Perez on their roster). The second reason to celebrate is if you are Fred or Jeff Wilpon, as you have just, once again, managed to fool a few dozen Met fans out there into believing that there still may actually be hope. Let me be clear: THERE IS NO HOPE.

If we were to measure success by failing to fail, then today the Mets certainly were successful. Despite being responsible for 11 hits, 5 walks, a passed ball, and wild pitch, the Mets seemed to avoid finding a way to lose; maybe the Marlins just wanted it more. Suffice it to say, the Mets most certainly did not win this game. The Marlins lost it. Consider this: if you were to remove the 5 runs the Mets scored on poor play by the Marlins — not even accounting for the “fielder’s choice” that led to the 9th run — The Mets are only up 4-2 going into the 9th. Then instead of Taylor Buchholz (who tried his best to blow it) coming in with a 9-2 lead, we would have seen father-in-law-beating Fransisco Rodriguez try and take on Hanley Ramirez, Gabby Sanchez, Logan Morrison, and John Buck with a 2 run lead.  Is there any doubt what would have been the result of this game?

Ike Davis said after last night’s game, “I felt like almost every time that we were in a close game last year, we just found a way to lose it. If you win half of those, it’s a different season.” It looks like this weekend the Marlins took the crown for finding ways to lose, but that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the Mets’ season. In fact it doesn’t even bode well for Tuesday, when the Mets arrive in Philadelphia, to play against a team that belongs in the major leagues.

It’s a tough decision on who deserves this Wilpon Award. Thole made a strong

Chris Capuano likes Jello

argument with the passed ball, but Dickey is a knuckleballer; Taylor Buchholz certainly proved — between opening day and today — that he isn’t worth his weight in dung;  of course we could give it to the fans, or at least the ones who were fooled by this gift performance; but I think there is one player who rose above the rest today. Chris Capuano wins. Without pitching a full inning he let up a run, and 3 hits. It only took him 21 pitches to get him yanked from the game, and forever etch him  in stone as the winner of much heralded, 3rd, Wilpon Award.