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Wilpon award Friday, 4/8

It was a terrible game, made worse by the Wilpons themselves. Once again my nemesis, Time Warner Cable brought me to me knees when I called one of their customer service representatives.

“May I ask what the reason for your call is?” A recording asked.

“GARBAGE FUCKING SERVICE.” I retorted as I watched both the high-def and regular versions of SNY skip and lose sound.

“Please hold.” The recording said.

A few moments later a woman came on. “Hello sir, may I ask what the problem is?”

“Yes.” I replied. “Months ago I had this problem where channels would start skipping, and lose sound. It took months to fix. The guy came, he replaced my cable box, and now it’s happening again-”

“Sir, are you watching the Mets game?”

After a long pause, “yes.”

“Yes, sir.  Many people have been calling us. It’s not on our end, it’s on SNY’s.”


“We’re trying to get a hold of them to fix the problem sir.”

“Oh. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Even the one part of the Wilpons’ Mets relating holdings that earns money, is trash.


The image I was stuck looking at for the better part of 3 innings.